Our Services


We can transfer 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm films, either sound or silent to video. We can transfer these to any of the consumer videotape formats or to DVD.


Transfers are done using professional telecine film chains, resulting in a high-quality image with no flicker. Home movies shot on 16mm film are usually filmed at a lower frame rate than “store-bought” professional 16mm film, and we transfer them at the appropriate frame rate. We avoid the use of  “film transfer boxes,” those gadgets that have a mirror and ground-glass screen, as these introduce distortions into the final image.


All work is done at our facility. Your films are never “farmed out” to another service.

But Wait. There’s More…

We can add music (that you supply) and titles to your films. If you want your films shown in a particular order, please mark each reel with a sequential number.

Any blank film lasting more than 5 seconds will not be transferred.